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LGT Clockwork = our furniture logistic services

LGT Logistics furniture transportAlways achieving the best solutions that individually match the needs of our customers is often the result of a mixture of flexibility and routines. The ambition is to manage and develop – not just monitor and solve.

We think, and we think along new lines. Now we are excelling even more.

GM-ITM has joined forces with our Swedish sister company, LBC Sweden AB, with departments in Sweden, Finland and Lithuania. After having worked alongside each other for several years, we now run LGT Logistics together. Our unique position as a furniture transporter which manages all aspects of the logistics chain from factory to store or from store to consumer has been strengthened.

The company is the same – just like the platform we are working from. The difference is that we have become both larger and stronger. As a result, we are now even better at supplementing, developing and coordinating our services with our customers.

We are proud that we have been able to attract so many highly skilled and competent people. The knowledge and experience of our employees is critical to the foundation and development of our company.
The key to progress is closeness. Closeness to the market and the customer, with the ability, among other things, to make prompt decisions when required.

We hope that you will make use of us all the way so that you can benefit from the full range of our services.

We call this concept LGT Clockwork.

It is all about how our services interact and how to achieve the best possible synergies.  We provide intelligent logistics that are not only profitable but also good for the environment. And as always, we optimise the entire chain. This allows us to guarantee reliable delivery, quality and a healthy economy.
A gearwheel is composed of several vital parts, often mutually dependent. Our gearwheel works in the same way. One service is interlaced with another, and a third service makes it easier for the fourth. The mechanisms and tools of the entire organisation make certain that everything tick-tocks smoothly like a clockwork.

Our core values runs through everything like a red thread: knowledge, experience, careful handling, precision and flexibility.

In close cooperation with our partners in the MACH-3000 The European Furniture Transport Network, LGT Logistics provides an all-inclusive solution as regards furniture transport and warehousing in all of Europe.

See our partners in the MACH3000 The European Furniture Transport Network  here.

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