Furniture transport to companies in all scandinavia

LGT Business Delivery

Business delivery off officefurnitures to companies in scandinavien

In response to the ever-increasing volumes of furniture that the LGT Group is currently shifting for Europe's furniture manufacturers, we have expanded our portfolio of furniture logistics services to include deliveries of furniture to commercial premises at one or multiple addresses in Scandinavia.

When, for example, a major European office furniture manufacturer enters an agreement with an industrial group to deliver office furniture to the company's offices across Scandinavia, or when a law firm orders reappointment of its premises with everything from desks and shelving to canteen furniture, all they need do is contact LGT Commercial Freight Services.

LGT guarantees to advise the recipient of the shipment and deliver the order to the client – safely inside the first door. Safely and sound with 99.96% certainty harmless delivery.

LGT Business delivery

We are happy to provide information about the supply of office furniture for your particular business domicile

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