LGT Logistics environmental Policy

Environment Policy

It is the LGT-goal to help reducing the impact on our environment.

Transport is a necessity to maintain the standard of living which we all know today.

However, it has consequences in terms of impact on the surrounding environment. LGT is a aware of this challenge and seek actively to reduce the impacts of our transportation.

We have on basis on above made the following environmental policy:

  • We demand cleaner technology to the transportation options and a well-founded choice of transportation form such as road trains/links, huckepack solutions (trailer send via train) etc.
  • We do our best to influence our suppliers and demand them to make sure that their products and services are environmentally acceptable. When investments in new vehicles are planned, must the latest environmental-demands be taken into consideration in connection with the euro-standards. We deal only with euro 4 or 5 trucks. And are now aiming towards euro 6 trucks or the most environmentally friendly solution to make sure that we thereby reduce the environmental impact as much as possible.
  • We ensure an optimal use of resources through a better loading and optimal planning of routes ect. (fewest miles driven)
  • Consolidation on the amount of goods.
  • Using information-technology which can improve the transport-flow.
  • We collaborate in environmental cooperation with larger freight customers and foreign partners where we look into specific transport and routines.
  • We motivate our employees to comply both the internal as the external guidelines and rules to make sure we all protect our surrounding environment.
  • We communicate openly with our employees and the rest of the society about the environmental impact which is linked to the transport industry.

In case of questions etc. you are most welcome to contact our traffic manager : Preben Ladekjær +45 76 26 44 19 or E-mail: preben.ladekjaer@lgtlogistics.dk

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