The concept stands for all-inclusive logistics services – customised and synchronised according to the specific needs and wishes of your company.

LGT Clockwork - møbellogistik

The CLOCKWORK concept is a useful and precisely composed ´clockwork´ comprising different interrelated logistics services - and around the clock ´revolves´ around efficient and careful furniture transport. For you and your company.


The CLOCKWORK concept is built on experience, understanding, versatility, reliability and precision.


CLOCKWORK comprises four interrelated logistics services that cover and honour many different needs.

Read more about each of the services here. Which wheels would you like to set in motion?
Shop delivery

LGT Store Delivery

We deliver more than six decades of experience with international furniture transport to the Danish furniture and retail industry. Read more about LGT Store Delivery

Furniture consolidation

LGT Consolidation

When delivering goods to furniture stores it is our ambition to always be as optimally loaded and as environmentally friendly as possible. Read more about LGT Consolidation


LGT Warehousing

Many customers choose to store their furniture with us. LGT offers long-term and short-term leases. Read more about LGT Warehousing

Home Delivery

LGT Home Delivery

Over the years furniture logistics has evolved as a trade - and LGT has kept up (with the progress). Read more about LGT Home Delivery

Furniture Project delivery

LGT Project Delivery

Project Deliveries are more sophisticated services, often linked to a specific project with you as the customer. Read more about LGT Project Delivery

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