September 21, 2022

Christmas & New Year delivery information 2022

Dear Customer,


It is time again to plan shipments around Christmas and New Year and therefore we have some practical information for your planning of shipping.

Our distribution in Denmark and all of Europe continues until Friday the 23rd of December and acc. to our deadlines  below.

In week 1 (2023) we start our routes again and runs a full program from week 2. LGT is closed in week 52.  

It is important that you continues to book your consignments for LGT also in week 51 where we collect right up until Friday the 23rd of December.  (Orders MUST be ready at 7am)  


This to ensure that we have shipments ready for disposition and departure from week 1.

Shipments that are to be delivered before Christmas must meet the deadlines below. Part loads and full-loads are planned separately acc. to agreement. 

We would like to appeal for a close dialogue with our staff regarding an optimal planning of shipments up to Christmas and New Year.

NB: the deadlines below do NOT apply to island deliveries or B2C shipments. 


Christmas & New Year delivery information 2022