August 03, 2017

LGT digs deep in the Jutland soil and expands their logistics centre in Horsens

After many years of preliminary run, we have finally cut the first turf for the expansion of our logistics centre at Orionvej in Horsens,

One spit of soil amounts to 55,000 cubic metres of soil
We have chosen to extend our existing buildings towards both the North and the South. To the South we are required to move 55,000 cubic metres of soil corresponding to more than 800 truck loads of with soil.

Furniture at a height of 8 metres
Today, our premises are located several places in Horsens, for example at Marsalle, which previously functioned as headquarters, and today the premises house our furniture storage hotel.

With our new setup, we bring together all our activities at Orionvej, a wish of long standing, not least from our logistics department.

The expansion covers approximately 10,000 square metres, of which 8,000 square metres will function as a storage hotel with shelves at a height of 8 metres. The remaining approximately 2,000 square metres are aimed at improving and streamlining the facilities in connection with our furniture consolidation project.

In the same way as our customers, we also need to develop and be in constant change. The expansion is clearly a way to strengthen our position on the market, so that we can continue as the preferred business partner when it comes to furniture transportation and logistics.

IT, development and professionalism
At LGT, we strive and aim to be competitive, also in the future. Therefore, we have chosen to invest in a new IT system.

The system can handle CRM, transportation, warehousing and customs clearance management system and an alert management system that monitors the traffic and gives an alert of delays during transportation. All this provides us with the required preconditions for swiftly adapting and developing in relation to the demands and needs of the customers.

A new system alone does not do the trick. It takes skilled and engaged employees with the ability to combine IT professionalism with operational experience within furniture transportation, and we are happy to say that our employees at LGT do precisely that.