July 12, 2019

Newly appointed E-commerce Manager at LGT Logistics

LGT has employed Søren Mortensen for the position as E-Commerce Manager. Søren looks back on a long career with GLS Express as Manager for Courier Transports and, at LGT Logistics, he will play a part in the further development of our company’s Home Delivery concept to ensure that LGT Logistics becomes the best within the industry at delivering furniture ”to own home” and within the contract market for project sales.

In recent years, LGT Logistics has invested heavily in new IT systems and TMS *) as well as the expansion of the Horsens logistics centre. Moreover, we have continuously developed the LGT business areas – including the Home Delivery concept. 

Future standards for Home Delivery 

The sale of furniture on the internet is in significant growth. In light of this fact, we want to contribute to setting the standard for future Home Delivery – the delivery of furniture to your own home and to the project sales of the contract market.

”The Home Delivery concept is off to a good start. This is the time for new solutions and LGT customers are already demanding new logistics solutions and services. We are therefore in the process of developing these and see this as a natural expansion of the LGT value chain in furniture logistics. 
These may be new, value-generating standards such as the exchange and environmentally correct disposal of furniture – or recycling or donation. We simply see new ways of branding ourselves to some of our customers. These could include a small chain of furniture stores which is already a customer, and which offers the donation to a charity of furniture which has been taken back. 
In addition to this, we could also offer simple assembly of furniture and the disposal of returnable packaging, but also more complex assembly such as interior furnishing of major construction projects in the contract market. A natural extension of an ongoing project sale for the customer. And then there is no harm in the fact that some of these services are a good fit to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals”
, says Poul Erik Dahl.

Home Delivery version 2.0 

LGT has been through an onerous and demanding implementation of new IT systems but we believe that we are ready to take the next step in further developing the Home Delivery concept.

”I look forward to turning LGT Logistics into a market leader within the area of Home Delivery. We have the prerequisites for creating an expansive and strong logistics concept as we already handle the entire furniture logistics value chain from the manufacturer to the shop/web shop. And it is natural for us to now take the LGT Home Delivery concept to the next level - version 2.0. We already have a good and useful IT platform. We will continue to develop that and, in this way, in the longer term, we will be able to bring real time and transparency to the delivery concept. We are already looking at how we can expand the IT platform to give our customers direct access to the best-performing logistics tool for furniture transport in the market.
We will not experience the delivery times known from the courier market but we will set new, useful standards for the future delivery of  furniture to own home and to project sales”
, states Søren Mortensen.

For further information, please contact:

Poul Erik Dahl, International Sales Manager, +45 76 26 44 52, poul.erik.dahl@lgtlogistics.dk or

Søren Mortensen, E-Commerce Manager, +45 4214 3242 soren.mortensen@lgtlogistics.dk

*) TMS: Transportation Management System