February 24, 2023

Public Holidays in spring 2023

Dear customer

Here you have an overview over the coming public holidays at our main markets in spring.

In the weeks which are affected by public holidays delays must be expected. 

We kindly ask you to keep a close contact with your regular LGT-contact person in these periods.

The contact details of the LGT staff can be seen at: https://lgtlogistics.com/denmark

When you have export for countries which goes through Germany you must also be aware of the German public holidays as these public holidays causes a driving ban (Fahrverbot) for trucks trough Germany


In connection with public holidays etc.: Maundy Thursday (6th of April), Good Friday (7th of April), The 5th of May – Danish public holiday and Ascension Day (18th of May) we ask you to have your orders ready for collection a day before normal as well as shipping papers and EDI transfers must be shipped a day before normal.

Please also notice that LGT don´t have any domestic distribution the day after Ascension Day (19th of May)                             

Easter                Latest collection day in DK or delivery day at LGT-warehouse: Tuesday the 4th of April

at 7 am. (This applies for all destinations)


                             Delivery to Norway:                 Week 14: delivery to zone 1 + 2 (zone 3-7 delivery week 15)

Delivery to Sweden:                See enclosed list from LGT Sweden: https://lgtlogistics.com/sv/news/helgturlista-varen-2023


Delivery to Finland:                   No deliveries in week 14

Delivery France:                         Normal delivery in week 14 – limited delivery in week 15

The rest of Europe:                  Delays may occur (week 14 and 15)

Import:                                           Delays may occur (week 14 and 15)


1st of May         Very limited delivery to many destinations. “Fahrverbot” in Germany. 


5th of May        Danish public holiday. No deliveries in Denmark. 


18th of May      Ascension Day = Limited delivery in all of Europe.

Several places are closed both Thursday and Friday week 20 


17th of May       Norwegian National public holiday. No deliveries in Norway.

Week 20 = 3 public holidays in Norway. Limited delivery in week 20.

Please notice: deliveries will in week 20 be planed for zone 1 and parts of zone 2


29th of May      Whit Monday = Limited delivery in all of Europe.


5th of June       Danish National public holiday. No deliveries in Denmark


Best regards


LGT Logistics


Public Holidays in spring 2023