July 06, 2020

The second half of 2020

Announcements are made. Scenarios, strategies and predictions take their turns in the media headlines. And the wonderful thing about each of the experts is that there is always another who reaches the opposite conclusion. A radical other recommendation, a diametrically opposed strategy, or…

However, where logistics and secure distribution in Scandinavia and Europe are concerned, you need not doubt what the experts know and can do:

At LGT Logistics, we have observed and adapted to a changed market. 
We have listened to our customers - you. We have trimmed our company and are heading for “the new normal”. This is another level. The world has not yet returned to what we used to know. However, fortunately, Denmark is reopening in controlled phases. Together with the rest of Europe. 

At LGT Logistics, we have let “the new normal” determine our course. We are well aware that the market will continue to face challenges. However, have no doubt that we will do what we can to strengthen your business. Within that particular area where we are the experts – furniture logistics and distribution. 

Spring is behind us and we are looking ahead. Geared and trimmed for a more predictable and stable second half of 2020. Ready to assist you. 

It is the time of summer and warm breezes – and time to say thank you for your understanding, patience and adaptability. Look after yourselves out there – and have a really nice summer.  

Best regards
Poul Erik Dahl

Head of Sales, CCO Denmark