Maj 18, 2020

Information om färjetillägg

Dear customer.

The present health crisis has specifically been causing changes in the way the ferry lines are operating between Denmark and Sweden.

Some routes have permanently been cancelled. But we are also met with extraordinary increase of costs to ferries – mainly due to the declining freight volumes and the fact that the boats do not carry any passengers between the Nordic countries.

At LGT we have until now been monitoring the development and absorbed the costs ourselves. But we are looking into a more permanent situation wherefore LGT are no longer in a position where we can carry these costs.

Per Monday the 25th of May 2020 we therefore introduce a FERRY SURCHARGE valid for all transport to and from Denmark and Sweden. Goods routed to and from Western Europe will be affected. The surcharge will be as follows;

• DENMARK SEK 5,70 Minimum 1 CBM per shipment.

The surcharge will be added to all invoices as a sperate line as per all departures from coming Monday.

Yours faithfully, LGT Logistics AB