LGT Home Delivery

Safe home delivery services. Great end user experience.

When we make home deliveries, we represent your company. The service and flexibility we offer, the way we handle the delivery, the way we act – it all reflects back on you.

That’s why we offer a home delivery service that is based on your customer’s needs. We deliver when they are home, we offer narrow time slots so that they don’t have to be home, waiting for hours. Our drivers are service minded and socially skilled.

With LGT Home Delivery you can rest assured that your goods are safely delivered on a time convenient for your customer and with a great end user experience.

We give you and your customer transparent information from initial order creation to delivery to the private end customer, thanks to a set-up involving several local depots. The furniture is delivered from these depots using small vehicles, with either a single driver delivering on the curb, or with two drivers hand-delivering the goods and placing it where your customer wants it.

As add-ons, the customer can select to have the packaging removed, the used piece of furniture collected and/or get help with minor assembling.