Store Delivery

We know what it takes to make a furniture store manager happy. Which is no coincidence, as we have more than six decades of experience with international furniture transport to the furniture retail industry.

Furniture delivery to your stores. Smooth, safe and on time.

We know how important it is to be adaptable, to offer fast and flexible delivery times, and to keep them. To offer a high level of service and to communicate.

That is why we are the furniture industry's preferred choice. Every week, we distribute a total of 35,000 cubic metres of furniture, from factories and warehouses to stores in the Nordic countries and in Europe via our terminals in Sweden and Denmark.

And we transport nothing but furniture, which means that we know how to handle goods that are not neatly tucked into boxes; goods that need some extra love and care. So, you can feel safe that your products will arrive at your store without a scratch – more than 99.96 % of all packages we deliver are undamaged.

If you would like to make your store manager's life even easier, you could add our service LGT Consolidation Warehousing. Then we subsequently pick up goods from different suppliers, store it in our warehouse, and make a consolidated delivery according to your preferred delivery time when everything has arrived.

Want to know more about the possibilities at LGT Logistics?