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Our aim is not just to give you the future in furniture logistics. It’s also to make your life easier. Therefore, we have created an information hub where we have collected all the tools and information you need to handle your consignments and most of your administration.

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Order Store Delivery
For delivery to a B2B recipient such as a store or warehouse. For both Swedish and international recipients.


Order Home Delivery
For delivery to private individuals or companies that are not normally recipients of furniture. Within Sweden. For international please e-mail


Order Return Delivery
For collection from a store or warehouse for return to the supplier. Also for ordering a return pallet, as well as consignment from store to store. For return from a private individual, please contact the retailer or

LGT Store Delivery

Furniture delivery to your stores. Smooth, safe and on time.

LGT Home Delivery

Safe home delivery services. Great end user experience.